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General conditions


     Arrival / Departure

The rentalperiod for the chalets is per week, starting saterdayafternoon at 16.00 hours and ending on saterdaymorning at 10.00 hours. In case you arrive earlier than 16.00 hours it is possible your chalet is not yet ready. In that case you may use our facilities. 
Hours are the same during the whole year.

For campingplaces arrival is usualy after 12.00 hours, because of the departure of guests that may have been on your place.

On the day of departure we expact that you will leave your place before 12.00 hours in the afternoon. In case you leave later than that, we have to charge an extra night.


After you have made a reservation, you will receive a written notification with all details of the requested reservation and the method of settling the bill. The down payement is 50% of the total sum. The reservation will be final after we have received that amount. The balance should be payed 6 weeks before the startingdate of you reservation, at the latest. If you want to book just 6 weeks in advance of the date, you have to pay the whole amount in once. If you cannot stand up to your commitment, we are justified to cancel the reservation. Apart from that you are obligid to the commitment you made.  

If you cancel the reservation within 10 weeks before the date of arrival you owe 30% of the total amount. Within 7 weeks the amount before the date of arrival you owe 50% and within 4 weeks before date of arrival the amount is 70%. After that you owe the total amount because the change of (re)hiring is minimal on such a short notice.

We advise to arrange a cancelation- and a travelassurance. Unfortenately we cannot return the fee of unused nights. Also if you desire to leave earlier, the costs are yours. 

Caution Money

You need to pay caution money of 100 euros for the property you rent, which you have to pay on arrival.  The money will be returned on departure, after the accomodation has been checked and proven oke. 

Power consumption

The prices of the chalets in November up to April are exclusive the costs of heating. We charge another 50 euros per week. 


Pets are welcome on our campingsite provided that they are of no hindrance and on a string.  
In the chalets pets are not permitted because of hygienic reasons.

It is necessairy to have your dog or cat inject with the correct injection (f.i. Rabies). They have to be free of flees and in possesion of a European (animal)passport. You don't have to pay for your pet but possible misactions should be cleaned. 

Chemical Toilet

We have a septic tank installed and therefor it is not possible for caravans and campers to empty the chemical toilet. Not even if you are using biological cleaning agent.